Step 1: Choose Your Style

Comfort Sleeper® by American Leather® is quite simply the most comfortable AND most versatile sleeper sofa available. With 15 styles, from transitional to modern, you’re sure to find the stylish centerpiece you want — with a better night’s sleep built right in. Every Comfort Sleeper® style has matching pieces available — sectionals, sofas, loveseats, chairs and ottomans — to complete your room, your way.

Step 2 : Choose Your Size or Configuration

Available in seven sizes from cot to king, there’s a Comfort Sleeper® that fits your lifestyle and your living space. Each size is a full 80 inches in length — five to 10 inches longer than traditional sleepers — yet the innovative design requires less floor space for even greater flexibility.
We understand all living spaces are not created equal. The Comfort Sleeper® Collection fits effortlessly in any room — from refined and sophisticated to casual and cozy.
You have full control of size and configuration selection to perfectly fit your space. Here are just a few suggestions:

Step 3 : Choose Your Mattress

Tempur Pedic

The American Leather® Comfort Sleeper® is the only sleeper sofa that offers the world-renowned Tempur-Pedic® mattress. Tempur-Pedic® foam conforms perfectly to your body, virtually eliminating painful pressure points.



For those who like a softer, cooler-feeling mattress with even support across pressure points, Comfort Sleeper® is available with a high-quality gel mattress that absorbs body heat for a great night’s sleep.



Our standard Comfort Sleeper® mattress is firmer and features high-density foam and ultra-soft Crypton® fabric that’s waterproof, stain-proof, antimicrobial and allergen-free.

Step 4 : Choose Your Covering


American Leather® partners with the world’s top tanneries to craft leathers for every lifestyle and design aesthetic. With a curated color palette and varied textures across all major leather categories, we have a leather option that perfectly suits your home.

Our Protected leathers provide an alluring look, yet low-maintenance solution for active homes — especially those with children and pets. With heavy protection, these leathers provide truly easy care along with consistent color payoff and style.

Leathers in the Essential category are inspired by our all-time best sellers. As medium-protected leathers, they perfectly combine luxury and durability for excellent performance in active homes.

Designed exclusively for American Leather, Couture leathers feature hand-selected materials tailored to bring high-end fashion to home life. Very lightly protected, these are the most delicate leathers in the portfolio.

Our line of Specialty leathers is designed for those who desire a one-of-a-kind piece. Lightly protected, these are delicate and prone to scratching, creating a unique and distinctive look over the years.

Premium Fabric Selection

American Leather has circled the globe to bring you fabrics with beauty, sophistication and character. From the finest Turkish yarns to traditional Old World European craftsmanship, from world-renowned Toray Ultrasuede to super-fine baby Alpaca wool, these fabrics resonate with warmth, comfort and luxury.

Choose from hundreds of color and texture options, from family-friendly microfibers to beautiful chenilles, or natural classics to nubby layered wovens.

Crypton Stain Resistant Fabric

CRYPTON® is where beauty meets durability. This high-performance, easy-to-clean fabric ensures proven performance while beautiful textile designs provide classic sophistication.

Sunbrella Performance Fabric

SUNBRELLA® was founded on the belief that textiles should be functional, exceptionally beautiful, and soft to the touch. They are easy to maintain and retain their beauty for years with simple soap-and-water cleaning. They are even bleach-cleanable.


ULTRASUEDE® has a soft texture and the feel of premium suede. With unparalleled quality and functionality, this easy-to-care for fabric comes in a wide range of colors, ensuring your unique design vision is fulfilled.