The Farrow&Ball Difference

Ask us what the single most important characteristic that makes Farrow and Ball paint so very special is, and well tell you this… It’s the extraordinary way our deep and richly pigmented colors respond to light throughout the day, bringing walls to life. The highly pigmented paint and handcrafted wallpaper of Farrow & Ball deliver a unique depth of color and quality of finish.


From subtle neutrals and muted pastels to lively accents and rich dark hues, each of Farrow & Ball’s 132 colors has been created with care and thought to ensure they work beautifully alone, or as part of a scheme. Our eco-friendly paint formulas, recyclable materials, and responsible practices demonstrate our commitment to reducing our impact on the earth without compromising on quality.


Every one of Farrow and Ball’s colors are available in a full range of durable interior and exterior paint finishes. From the signature matte Estate Emulsion to the high shine Full Gloss, Farrow & Ball rigorously tests each batch of paint and roll of wallpaper for richness and durability to ensure the best and lasting performance for your home.


Discover a few ideas on how your walls can enchant by browsing examples of rooms enlivened with Farrow & Ball colors. From traditional to modern looks, the rich blend of pigments within the absorbing colors create an unmatched vibrancy in every room.


Color Consultants are here to help you approach color with confidence and see your favorite spaces in a whole new light. We offer consultations in store or all in the comfort of your own home. Contact us today to find out more about these services.